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NEW Toilets at SMK!!

Posted on December 13, 2015 at 6:40 AM




Within the past couple years, SMK has become a partnered project site for People For Change. Several visitors from Amsterdam have visited SMK to assess their ability to impact change to benefit the children. The very first visitor was Jeroen. During his time at SMK, he was moved by the children’s hygiene conditions. The existing toilets were getting older and difficult to maintain properly. Upon his return home, Jeroen was inspired to fundraise for new toilets and shower buildings. There are a total of 12 toilet stalls with porcelain basins and 8 shower stalls for the children and staff staying within SMK. Construction on this project has been happening for upwards to 6 months. And now, they are finally completed!


Thanks to Jeroen and his friends for their support on this project.

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