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Posted on July 22, 2010 at 9:21 PM

Namugayi Pauline came to St. Mary Kevin at the age of 7 years after her mother died of an illness. A few years later her father died of whooping cough. In Uganda, there is no financial support or governmental assistance for relatives (like grandparents, uncles, or aunts) when they become guardians for orphaned children. With limited income and resources, caring for multiple children can be difficult, if not impossible. In Pauline’s family, she is one of 4 children. The children were divided between her grandmother and uncle. Pauline’s uncle knew Rosemary and the care that she bestowed upon orphans. He asked Rosemary for assistance in raising Pauline.


Being female in Uganda is difficult. While the country is progressing with opportunities for females, strong traditional roles still remain within much of Uganda. Women are the ones that maintain the household, cooking, washing, and caretaking of children.


There is a particular vulnerability for orphaned girls, like Pauline, as they must balance their pursuit of education with their ability to efficiently manage a household. Pauline has the opportunity to attend Secondary school with the support of Change The Truth while learning the life skills that she will need from Mama Rosemary at St. Mary Kevin. Mama Rosemary takes some of the orphans to her home on holidays to teach/model skills of cleaning, cooking, and washing. Both Rosemary and her husband, Joseph, provide orphans with not only the knowledge of valuable life skills, but also the love and individual attentions of a smaller home atmosphere. For Pauline she recognizes “love makes a family, like the love that Mama Rosemary shows to all of us.”


Pauline attends Senior Level 2. She aspires to be a television journalist or accountant.


Habib and Pauline

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