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Posted on November 10, 2014 at 7:25 AM

Tina (Senior 1), Moureen (Baby Class), and Petra (Primary 6)

My girls are growing so quickly.... too quickly.   They make me smile and my heart to swell with such incredible, consuming love.  Each of them has their own distinct personalities, but they love one another like sisters.  I LOVE watching them interact with one another.  There is a special bond there.  This past weekend, we were visiting Tina's Secondary school. 


While I try my very best to remain impartial and fair with the children I work with, my relationship with Tina (My Kangaroo) and Petra (My Princess) was cemented prior to moving to Uganda.  Moureen (My Lovey) was an unexpected surprise along the way.  I am still navigating that fine line between displays of love and favoritism... some days I feel good, some days I really blow it.   My wish for each of these girls is to grow up with confidence, opportunities, and much love!!

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