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Visitors at SMKOM

Posted on November 15, 2013 at 2:30 AM

The past few months, SMKOM has enjoyed the company of many visitors. It is always exciting for the students to welcome a first-time or return friend. There is always a buzz of excitement in the air in the days prior to their arrival. Usually, a huge sign hangs within the compound to alert students of an arrival, as well as welcome our visitor properly.


With every visitor who arrives at SMKOM, there are months of behind-the-scenes planning and preparations. Dozens of email correspondences are exchanged to ensure that all details are finalized prior to a visitor’s arrival. Arrangements are made for lodging, transportation, site-seeing travels, and basic orientation to the climate/culture of Uganda. Since a visitor’s time in Uganda is so short, we want every moment maximized on-ground facilitating their chosen project. This past year, visitors stayed at SMKOM spanning from 1-8 weeks.


This past summer, visitors came to SMKOM to teach English and Science, share Bible Study classes, introduce violin lessons, train Marching Band and saxophone players, teach photography and video making, take educational fieldtrips, attend church services, play games, read books, hold hands, offer hugs. Some of the visitors stayed within a small, self-contained Guest House right here in the SMKOM compound; while others stayed at lodges within walking distance of SMKOM.


Each visitor made their impact on the lives of the SMKOM students. Each initiated or deepened the level of various friendships. Each had their hearts profoundly touched by the generosity, talents, resilience, and endearments of the students living at SMKOM. Each will hopefully find a ways to return back to SMKOM someday.


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