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Thanksgiving #25: Cooking

Posted on November 25, 2011 at 1:00 PM

For those that know me well, this thanksgiving could make you laugh. I have never been a cook. I was blessed with a mother and grandmothers who are excellent cooks, so I have not had reason to expand my culinary skills. Meals prepared in America were usually one of convenience for me (as evident by my fuller-figure). Here in Uganda, there is no such thing as fast food, microwavable dinners, or 5 minute dinners (unless it is cooked eggs). So, I have developed more cooking skills thanks largely to the teaching of the big boys. I am thankful for the small kitchen to prepare meals within (cooking on a charcoal clay pot would be much more of a challenge), and even more thankful for the family experience that having a good, home-cooked dinner provides. Nothing beats dinner-time conversations to recount the events of the day or share funny antidotes! (Also thanks to my Mom and Eddie, I now have a working oven, which for the past year only stored my vegetables.)

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