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When The Lights Go Out

Posted on October 7, 2010 at 6:00 AM

I have spoken several times about occasions when the electricity has gone out unexpectedly here in Kajjansi. It is almost a daily occurrence. The times during the day and the duration of the black out varies. It is impossible to predict. Power is just poof, gone. There is relatively little that can be done but enjoy each other until the lights decide to return.


With a small flashlight or some burning candles, there are very few games that can not be played…cards, mancala, checkers, chess. Our new favorite high energy game is 4 corners played in our larger sitting room. A popular activity with the kids is either dancing (to a small battery powered radio Antwain brought) or modeling. Modeling entails one person who will strut as if a runway model while others sing a song, “The girl is like a real model, a real model, a real model. The girl is like a real model. Model, model, model. Statue. Statue, statue, statue…” (Really quite liberating and fun.) Finally some of the best story-tellers I have ever met live here at SMK. Children can take turns telling old folktales, recount storybooks, retell plots of movies, or share about their family’s lives in the villages.


Definitely never a shortage of options.


The following pics are from our recent weekend without power…no particular reason for no power, just none. We enjoyed each other anyways!



 Funny faces.                                                                           Kitchen modeling.



Acrobatics.                                                                               Dancing.



Mancala.                                                                                Chess.



Tickle game.                                                                           More modeling.

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