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Our New Home Revealed

Posted on September 19, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Okay, after a long wait...here are finally photos of our new home in Kajjansi.  There are still some fine details of decoration to occur over time (like more wall hangings), but it is a home that I love.  I have never had anything created specifically for me before, so this home will always hold more significance to me than any other place I have ever lived.  The Kavulus really did an exceptional job with overseeing the renovations and construction, and I will forever be grateful for their generosity and support during our transition.   


For anyone interested in visiting Uganda, you are always most welcome at our home. 

The front door to our home.  Entrance is into the kitchen.

Shoes are taken off at the door to prevent lots of

muddy feet prints.  Door to the left will be the space

for my office area.  (Still under construction.)



Kitchen has become to heart of our home.               Sitting Room is filled with children watching TV or

There is always someone here being                       playing games.  I have added a table/chairs for

welcomed.  Stove (or "cooker") has electric              having meals.  Also serves as a good work space

and gas options.  Curtains were made by my          for myself and boys completing homework in the

sister (a little touch from home).                                  evening.  Artwork from SMK decorate our walls.


Antwain's bedroom.  Faces the dormitories to the      My bedroom.  Love the bed.  Blanket was chosen

Big Boys.  Bunk bed frames should be coming this   by Henry.  Mosquito net able to be brought down

week.  Great place for Antwain and the boys to            at night.  Storage for luggage under my bed. 

wrestle.                                                                                 Shelf about the keep special reminders of home.



Toliet Room.  Tile is really beautiful!                              Shower Room.  Either shower or basin bath. 

                                                                                               Also a place to do our wash. 


Photo of compound.  Totally enclosed.  To the          Door to our home at the left, and then photo of

left are new classrooms for vocational training,        Maize Mill to the right on the green building.  Blue

my office, and doorway to the house.  (The                building is SMK's Medical clinic.

vocational classrooms and my office are still

under construction.)


On the other side of the blue building is this                 A typical scene outside of the Mosher home

wall and gate.  Front gate secured at night, and           in the evening!  A parade of brightly colored

also patrolled by Calvin.  Compound area to be          sandals (or "slippers").  We enjoy the laughter

smoothed out, and I envision some large tables         within our household daily!!

outside, too.  The roofs of the buildings seen over

the fence are within SMK.  There is a narrow dirt

road the separates the gate from a side gate of the



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