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Introducing HAVE

Posted on June 13, 2016 at 3:40 AM


I am excited to introduce HAVE (Heart for Africa Volunteer Experience). HAVE is a personal project that I have begun in hopes of bringing more visitors here to Uganda to volunteer at some really special organizations. Over the years, one of the commonalities visitors have shared is the comfort they felt having someone in Uganda to provide guidance and support both before and during their visit. It is also one of the aspects of my Change The Truth responsibilities that I have enjoyed immensely. So… HAVE is the perfect merging of my Social Work background, organizational skills, and love of Uganda. My ultimate hope is that visitors will have a profound volunteer experience here in Uganda like I had 9 years ago!


None of my job responsibilities with Change The Truth or St. Mary Kevin Children’s Home are changing. They continue to be my first priority, and actually SMK has agreed to be one of the partner projects to welcome HAVE volunteers! There is always room for more friends!!


Please check out HAVE’s website at www.ihaveuganda.com. If you have any friends interested in an Ugandan adventure, please send them my way!!


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