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CTT's 2016 Academic Year

Posted on March 19, 2016 at 2:25 AM

A few weeks ago students returned to school for another year of studies. The school year officially began just a day after President Museveni’s victory for re-election. The country was still unsettled, so few students reported to school. Slowly throughout the subsequent week as peace prevailed, parents (including SMK Administration) felt comfortable enough to send their children to their respective schools. And steadily, schools are once again operating almost to their capacity.


I must always have a strategic plan for preparing students for school. In total for 2016, Change The Truth has 43 students (excluding my Antwain): 34 Secondary level sponsored students, 2 Vocational students, 4 University students, and 3 students beginning University/Vocational in August. It is an impressive group!! The preparations for paying school fees in bank, buying supplies (school, requirement, hygiene), coordinating physical examinations, filling enrollment forms, issuing funds for individual shopping, and transportation coordination took weeks to complete.


Quick summary of the 34 Change The Truth sponsored students in Secondary school:


7 new students: Petra (Senior 1), Benjamin (Senior 1), Ritah (Senior 1), John (Senior 1), Enock (Senior 1), and Irene (Senior 3). Each of these students were so excited and honored to be selected for CTT sponsorship. They now have an individual sponsor, whom they will forge a relationship with during their years of studies.



from left:  Enock, Benjamin, John, Queen, and Petra (not pictured: Ritah & Irene)


8 students changed schools,


13 students will complete their Senior 4 & Senior 6 UNEB National Examination or their Year 12 Cambridge International Advanced Examination this year,


Students are attending 7 different schools this year (Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School, Bethel Covenant College, St. Noa Girls’ Senior School, Baptist High School, Merryland High School, Mengo Senior School, and Taibah International School). Each grade level and each school has different requirements for students.



Taibah International School:  (from left) Rebecca, Francis, Antwain (not CTT), and Isabella


CTT generously provides school supplies to ALL Secondary students living at SMK, so this year 52 Secondary students were provided with all of their notebooks, pens, art supplies, graph books, mathematics set and much more.




With CTT funding, Daddy Joseph assisted CTT Secondary students to return to school with over 110 essential textbooks to enhance their classroom lessons.




Of the CTT sponsored students, 30 of them went back to school with a completed physical examination to ensure optimal health and/or health supports for this year. CTT's very own Alumni, Nurse Douglas, came back to assist!!




In Secondary schools, students must take EVERYTHING they could possibly need for personal, class, and school usage. I have learned to shop in bulk at wholesalers. Part of my Sitting Room has actually become a store house for supplies for upcoming terms. Here is just a sampling of the items CTT will assist sponsored students to take back to school: 216 tubes of toothpaste, 325 bars of wash soap (for their clothes), 900+ rolls of toilet paper, 1050 notebooks, 102 reams of photocopy paper, 146 brooms, 48 bottles bleach, 1500+ ink pens, 192 graph books, 168 mathematics sets, and 60 scrub brushes.





On Reporting Day, it is always madness of ironing uniforms, packing things last minute in suitcases, storing items not needed at school either at my house or with a trusted friend at SMK, and saying goodbye to one another until the next holiday. This term all students left SMK at the same time going in all directions to their schools. They were able to spend a few special moments with Mama Rosemary prior to their departure, who shared her love and well-wishes for them. 



And now they are all safely at school with all of their essential supplies and ready to excel in another academic year. For me, I now shift my attentions to planning for Visitation Days next month and holiday enrichment program in May. And our cycle for another school year continues…


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