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Uganda Presidential Election Update

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 8:25 AM

The Election season here in Uganda is over (or at least relatively). There were the Presidential Elections, followed by individual elections for Members of Parliament, Mayor, Local Council 1, Local Council 3, and Local Council 5.


President Museveni was re-elected by a wide margin. Uganda actually shut down all social media and mobile money services for 4 days including and following the elections. There were fears of national security and unfair voting practices. The Police guarded each of the Presidential candidates within their homes to restrict their public appearances. One of the main Presidential opponents felt the practice unjust, defied, and was arrested 4 times in a week. There was a palpable tension in the country. People stayed close to home. The streets of Kampala were deserted.


Slowly Ugandans have resumed daily life. That initial fear of war and protests is over. Schools began their academic year only a few days after elections. Students have been slow to report, especially those nestled in the safety of villages. Presidential opposition has filed lawsuits for voting malpractices (like cheating) and unfair voting practices and environments. Those arguments are presently being heard before the Uganda Supreme Court. They will either be dismissed or supported to have another election be conducted.


Uganda is happy for peace, but the atmosphere of the country is still on edge. What will happen next? But with the conclusion of their elections, they are turning their attention to the American elections. Oh, what humor they are finding in the antics and absurdity of American politics.


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