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Meet Sarai

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 2:35 AM


This past week, we welcomed our new kitten, Sarai, to our household. (Isabella named her after Simba’s mother in ‘Lion King’.) She is assisting us with some pesky rodent problems in our general compound. So far, she is a natural! Here is Uganda, cats are called ‘puss-cats’ or ‘puss’. Kids think it is funny that we have an actual name for the cat.


We, especially me, were all a little reluctant to our new furry friend to arrive, but she had really been an easy companion. She quickly became comfortable with her new space, is friendly and frisky, sleeps A LOT, and quickly learned to use her litter box.


Sarai likes the boys much more than the girls. But her favorite friend is Antwain. Although he is not overly affectionate with her, she will follow Antwain throughout the house and immediately respond to his commands… quite endearing.


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