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1 Month to go

Posted on July 26, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Only one month to go… the ‘to-do’ list is narrowing, but there is still much left to finish.


  • Downsize house (had final Moving Sale last week)
  • Sell car (we are now a Metro family)
  • Hire replacement at work (he starts on Monday 2nd)
  • Doctor’s visit (we have lots of Malaria meds)
  • Moving notifications (family, friends, kids at OB, miscellaneous companies know we are making our move)
  • Our new home at St. Mary Kevin (if not done, should be completed by the end of July)


Still yet to do:

  • Find renter for house
  • Receive travel visa
  • Get Antwain’s admission acceptance at International School
  • Say good-bye to Operation Breakthrough
  • Packing!
  • Spend time with special friends and family (there are times I wonder how I will really manage to say goodbye…must be strong!)


This last month will be about spending time with those I love. It will be bittersweet to say a temporary goodbye to so many friends and family here in America and then be embraced with so much love and welcome from our friends in Uganda.  However, I do not doubt that we are making the right move.


Ready or not August, here we come!

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