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Cool Shoes at SMK

Posted on November 28, 2015 at 7:40 AM


This past holiday, Gloria brought over some really clever and innovative shoes for the younger Primary aged students. The concept of The Shoe That Grows are comfortable shoes that grow with the child up to 5 shoe sizes (or approximately 5 years) with high quality leather, rubber, and metal clasps. Visit their website at http://theshoethatgrows.org  or more information.


Gloria brought over 75 pairs of sandals fitting for student Primary 1-Primary 4. For easier transport and sorting, each pair of sandals was transported in individual plastic baggies. One afternoon we spent time showing these students how to adjust their sandals and doing a personal fitting for each child. There was some tugging and pulling to get just the right fit. But students were patient with lots of smiles, shouts of joy, and comparisons with friends (even though they are exactly the same).


But then something unexpected happened. As a child receiving new shoes, I can recall begging my Mom to allow me to wear those shoes out of the store after paying for them. I could not wait to break in the new pair with an extra pep in my step. But for these children, shoes are always used/second-hand. The simple fact that these were NEW shoes given to them, never worn by another person, was an incredibly precious gift. So each child (even single one without prompting from any adult) took great care in packing those new sandals back into their plastic baggies. They would be stored in their cases for special occasions, like church, outings for performance, or holiday activities.


As the new holiday has approached, I find myself looking at the feet of students waiting for the new sandals to emerge from their cases. Will post some photos when that day comes…


Thank you for Change The Truth and The Shoe That Grows for this gift!







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