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Petra Completes Primary

Posted on November 4, 2015 at 6:05 AM

The first time I met Petra she was a young Primary 1 student. Her older siblings, Nicky and Isabella, had been living at SMK for some years, but it was Petra’s first year studying at SMK. She was just learning English. When we met, Petra firmly grasped my hand and literally refused to let go for the duration of my visit. She cried insolubly when that visit ended. I promised that I would come back, as my heart was aching as much as hers.


Later when I moved here to Uganda, Petra was my constant companion. Petra always seemed at her happiest whenever we were together. Over these years, she has become more active in activities at school, so her lengthy visits have become fewer. However, there is never a day that Petra does not come to my home for a short visit, even if it is only a quick hug.


One of the great pleasures of living her in Uganda has been watching Petra emerge into a lovely, confident, talented, determined young lady. She is my Ugandan daughter, and I love her immensely. Just yesterday, Petra completed her Primary 7 Leaving Examination. She is no longer a primary level student. She will be leaving the safety of SMK next year for Secondary School, and if there is a child ready to spread her wings, it is Petra. SMK will somehow feel emptier to me without her presence next year. But it will be another gift to experience this next phase of her educational studies with her.


Petra made grand plans to stay with me for part of her holiday. She is very similar to Antwain in having a list of food, movies and prolonged naps planned. Personally, I give her the next 2 days until boredom sets in, but only time will tell. Nevertheless, I will enjoy this time alone with Petra for the next couple weeks until other students return back home.




Petra in 2011.







Petra last week during her P7 Leaver's Party



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