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Kawali Water Source

Posted on October 24, 2015 at 5:30 AM

As I previously mentioned, Kawali is the location of a fresh water spring that trickles into a small stream. It is one of the few free ($$) water sources in our area. Some houses have piped water (like mine) through the water company, so other community members can pay residence for usage of their outside water faucet. However, most residence use the Kawali water source. So early in the morning and in evening before dark dozens of people make the pilgrimage with their plastic jerrycans to fill water for their household (washing, bathing, cleaning, cooking). Incidentally, if a problem occurs with SMK’s bore hole (water pump), the children walk to this stream in Kawali for their water.


One of the challenges with an open community water source is people also use it for other purposes. Cows drink from this source. People collect water to wash their clothes. People wash their boda-boda motorcycles or bicycles. People even use it for bathing. So it is definitely not clean water… but it is what is available.





Kawali spring water in middle... boda motorcycle being washed, while others are washing clothes

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