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Uganda's Taxis

Posted on October 4, 2015 at 2:50 AM


Even after 5 years, I still have NO desire to drive here in Uganda. Without any complaints, I board small Toyota Hiace taxi vans that transport millions of Ugandans daily. The taxi vans all begin their journeys at larger taxi parks within Kampala and then branch out to their intended destination within Kampala, as well as rural villages. Each taxi can legally carry 14 passengers, along with the driver and conductor. However, most taxis will manage to squeeze an extra passenger or two, children sit on the laps of adults, and bags of merchandise or livestock (like chickens) are nestled under the seats.


In addition to the license plate information, the majority of taxi vans have clever names decorated on the front and back windshields to identify them. I always enjoy seeing the creative names of the taxis. Here are a few that I have seen cruising down the roads of Uganda.


Religious— God’s Mercy; God’s Power; Jesus Cares; Allah is Power

Businesses—Zion Photography; I Love Samona; SF Investments

Luganda Phrases—Wa Kubantu; Beneze; Kakutto Pride; Swali Kabla Huswaliwa

Entertainment—John Cena WWE; Die Hard; Lost Boys; Liverpool

Others—Life is Money; Why Not?; Lucky Boys; Mr. Henry





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