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New CTT University Students

Posted on October 2, 2015 at 6:55 AM

On the heels of CTT’s recent Graduation Celebration for University/Vocational graduates, a new group of students have embarked on their Tertiary studies.  During their post-Secondary studies, CTT assists students with the cost of tuition and some discretionary funds for supplies or living. In addition, CTT provides each new student with their own gently-used laptop computer to complete their coursework.  



After receiving their Senior 6 National Examination results, students apply to a specific school providing their top 5 choices for course studies in rank order of preference. They cross their fingers that their first choice will be accepted and then await the school’s final decision. Because the majority of Ugandans don’t have actual mailing address, the admissions are published in the newspapers. If students accept the program the school has offered him/her, then they pick their admission letter and begin their preparations for studies.


Uganda Universities and Vocational schools are program focused. Students take classes specific for their program from their very first semester. No required General Education classes here. However, that means that once enrolled, there is no changing the program. In cases of disinterest in that specific program, a student would have to reapply to the University and go through the selection process again.



Allow me to introduce CTT’s 2015 University students. These young ladies worked hard to obtain this opportunity. While none of them are studying what they originally hoped, they have rallied to find fulfillment where their destiny has taken them. Each will graduate in May 2018… while it seems like far, the time will invariably fly by very quickly for them.



Catherine is studying to obtain a Bachelors of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Makerere University Business School- Jinja.





Rechael is studying to obtain a Bachelors of Office and Information Management at Makerere University Business School- Kampala.




Sheillah is studying to obtain a Vocational Certificate in Laboratory Assistance from Medicare Health Professionals College- Kampala.


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