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SMK/ CTT Graduation Celebration

Posted on September 23, 2015 at 1:10 AM

The final purpose for this mega-gathering was to recognize CTT’s exceptional graduates of the past few years. In Uganda, I would compare graduating from a tertiary program as challenging as climbing a mountain. It is physically taxing, emotionally overwhelming on most days, obstacles come from all directions, and only the most elite will actually complete. Although CTT could not provide every single requirement for these students, sponsors paid school tuition and functional fees, as well as provided a small stipend of funds for extras. The desire to study and complete motivated these young men and women to work hard, travel long distances to their classes, take on additional employment, and stretch their Shillings. But they made it… they completed… they are amongst the proud.


Most of these students are the first in their biological families to complete a University or Vocational program. And their younger siblings at SMK look at them reverently hoping one day to emulate their successes. It was a proud day, even emotional at times. It is almost overwhelming to witness the profound appreciation and gratitude that these young graduates showered on Mama Rosemary, Daddy Joseph, and Mama Gloria. We were all proud to be part of this celebration with them!!


A very special congratulations once again to:

Douglas- Vocational Certificate in Comprehensive Nursing & Midwifery from Mengo Hospital

Isabella- Vocational Certificate in Hotel & Institutional Catering from YMCA

Henry- Vocational Certificate in Electricity from Nakawa Vocational Institute

Saka- Vocational Certificate in Accounting from Buganda Royal Institute of Technical and Business Education

Daniel- Bachelors of Marketing from Makerere University Business School

Nelson- Bachelors of Computer Science from Makerere University

Billy- Bachelors of Business Administration from Makerere University

Rosette- Certificate in Travel and Tourism from YMCA


Watch out, Uganda… these young people are ready to lift up this country to higher standards!! Great things are going to come from these youth… just wait and see!


Nelson gifts Mama G with his graduation cap... a sign of respect and appreciation.

Mama Rosemary received one, too.


Gloria with CTT graduates (from left): Douglas, Billy, Daniel, Saka, Rosette, Nelson, & Henry


Special gifts to the Mamas as another token of thanksgiving. Mama G received one, too.


No graduation party would be complete without cake.


Mel with her special 'kiddos'... Rosette, Henry, Nelson, and Saka (my first Ugandan loves)


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