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Gloria's Honouration Celebration

Posted on September 21, 2015 at 2:55 AM

Since her initial visit in 2006, Gloria has devoted her love, organizing, networking, fundraising, caring, cheerleading, and overall support to SMK. Her abounding energy, contagious enthusiasm, unwavering devotion, and consuming love for the orphans has been inspirational to more people than I could even imagine. She loves these children as a Mama, and they love her back with that same pure, unconditional love!


To be a partner with an International entity is not an easy feat, but Gloria’s leadership of Change The Truth has transcended many obstacles and challenges for 9 years. There is a genuine, mutual trust and affection between CTT and SMK with the joint objective to educate vulnerable orphans that otherwise would not have the chance to study. SMK took this visit as an opportunity to publically applaud a decade of service and support!


Personally, it has been a sheer privilege to be a member of the Change The Truth family. Gloria has taught me more than I can convey in this brief posting, and my respect and admiration for her is beyond the limits of the sky. She is as gracious, generous, calm, and loving as any other person I have ever met.


This ‘honouration’ (although not a word in the dictionary seemed appropriate for the occasion) of Gloria was a genuine act of love and respect from SMK Administration and staff, children, guardians, fellow well-wishers, and even members of governing organizations. Cheers to Gloria. Our hat of love and respect is off to you!! Many more years of continued successes for CTT!!


CTT Student presentation


Another CTT student presentation


words of appreciation from SMK Administration... Joan Faith, Mama Rosemary, and Joseph


special gift to Gloria


Mama G and her kiddos


tshirts made for Mama G saying 'thank you very much' in Luganda


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