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Term 3 Has Begun!

Posted on September 15, 2015 at 2:30 AM

This post will take a brief pause before further reminiscing about his past Term 2 holiday.


Last week students returned back for their final term of this academic year. They will look forward to their long holiday towards the end of November. This Term 3 holiday is considered the ‘promotional term.’ Schools place a greater weight on a student’s academic performance during this final term in their decision to advance (or pass) students onto the next grade. In addition, this Term will bring about all of the National Examinations in Primary 7, Senior 4, and Senior 6. Students have been working tirelessly in preparations for these crucial examinations. (More information about each exam as it approaches in the upcoming months.)


Change The Truth’s annual sponsorship provides for not only school fees, but students are also provided with requirements provided directly to schools (like photocopy paper, brooms, hard brushes and rags for mopping, toilet papers), individual student’s school supplies (like notebooks, pens, mathematical set), and individual hygiene supplies (like soap, shoe polish, and vasoline). We were fortunate to have our friends, Carol and Natalie, here at SMK to assist with the distribution of these supplies to students. They commented about the incredible task of the supplies, which made me reflect on this past year.


Change The Truth has provided students (and their schools) with:

810 Rolls of Toilet Paper

90 Reams of Photocopy or Ruled Paper

568 Notebooks

957 Blue ink pens

396 Bars of soap for washing uniforms and other clothing

164 Textbooks in Various subjects

99 Tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes

192 Outside brooms for cleaning school compound and classrooms

And those examples just scratch the surface of a lengthy list…


Natalie assists with providing school supplies


Carol distributes hygiene supplies


Thanks to Change The Truth and individual sponsors, special CTT friends/supporters, SMK Administration and Support staff, local business owners in the Kajjansi area, local Boda-boda/private hire/taxi drivers, and CTT’s partner schools of Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School, St. Noa Girls’ Senior School-Zana, Bethel Covenant College, Taibah International School, Baptist High School, Merryland High School- Entebbe, and Mengo Senior School. We could not have done it without this combined effort!! It has taken a village to see these students through another academic year!!


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