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Examination Frenzy

Posted on August 4, 2015 at 12:50 AM

Students in both Primary and Secondary schools are completing their End of Term examinations for Term 2. It is a stressful time, as students are busy revising and preparing themselves for these tests. Here is Uganda, there is no credit given to students for class preparation, participation, daily assignments, or homework. Grades are based upon 2 Examinations only… exams taken both at the Beginning and End of terms. Those tests are averaged together to provide the overall score for students.


Examination periods are usually condensed into only 3-4 days for Primary students and about 2 week for Secondary schools. Students must prepare for 2-3 tests per day in their various subjects with little extra time to prepare for the following day. Lower Primary students will take 8 tests. Upper Primary students will take 5 tests. Secondary students (Senior 1-Senior 2) will take 28 tests (not a typo, folks). Secondary students (Senior 3- Senior 4) will take 21 tests. Secondary students (Senior 5-Senior 6) will take 8-11 tests.


Needless to say… they are ready for a small break after the end of this arduous task! Best wishes to all students… fingers crossed for good results.


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