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Uganda's Bypass Road Project

Posted on July 26, 2015 at 7:20 AM



Under a quarter mile from SMK, a new by-pass road is being constructed to connect eastern part of Kampala to Entebbe’s International Airport. Anyone who has visited Uganda can empathize with the horrendous traffic along Entebbe Road. It is currently the only road that connects Kampala to Entebbe, making it one of the most heavily travelled roads daily.


China has loaned Uganda the funds for this project, as well as several Chinese engineers and construction supervisors. This road will charge a small toll to travel, which will be used to repay the Chinese. Several homes and businesses, as well as natural areas, will be displaced. The Ugandan government will compensate those owners to move to another location. The project will take at least another couple of years to complete, but they have made an impressive start.


Kajjansi is a special location on this project. It will be the bisect area, where the new by-pass road will cross over with Entebbe Road. This new development has the great potential to also develop Kajjansi even more with the additional traffic.


Stay tuned for more developments at this road project…




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