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Uganda's Census Results

Posted on April 27, 2015 at 5:45 AM


After my fascination about the administration of Uganda’s Census activity this past year, here are the results:



Uganda has an area of 241,038 square kilometers (93,065 square miles), which is a little smaller than the area of America’s state of Oregon.



Uganda’s current 2014 Population= 34.9 Million people. It is a 3% increase from 2002’s population of 24.2 Million. There are 7.3 Million households registered within Uganda with an average of 4.7 people per household.



2014 Population Break down:

16.9 Million Males

17.9 Million Females

From the 2002 Census, Uganda’s male population has decreased a full 1%.



2014 Age Distributions:

Children under 5 years= 6.6 Million

Youth 6-12 years= 8.2 Million

Youth 10-24 Years= 11.2 Million

Adults 24 years and older= 8.9 Million

75% of Uganda’a total population remains youth 24 years and younger.



2014 Population Distribution:

1.5 Million living in Kampala City

6.4 Milling living in Urban Areas (2.0 Million of those people living in Wakiso District, which is the area surrounding Kampala City)

28.4 Million living in Rural Areas


Uganda’s 2014 Population Density of 174 people per square kilometers, which would be comparable to America’s state of New York.





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