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Change The Truth Senior 1 Students- 2015

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 7:20 AM

(from left:  Alpha Imma, Mesearch, Shine, and Alfonso)

Better late, than never… I wanted to introduce Change The Truth’s Senior 1 students for 2015.  All of these students are orphaned children from St. Mary Kevin Children’s Home (also known as St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood).  They performed very well on their National Primary 7 Leaving Examination (PLE). They have been actively participating in activities and/or displaying positive leadership at SMK. 

The Senior 1 students began their first term began in middle of February.  This year CTT enrolled students in Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School, which had incredible academic success last year and always very supportive of our students.

 Alfonso is affectionately known as ‘Boy-Boy’ to his peers at SMK.  He has been living at SMK since he was 2 years old.  Now that he is entering Secondary school, he is ready to shed his nickname and image of being the little brother. (I have to work very hard to remember to call him ‘Alfonso’ at school.) Though his studies, he aspires to be either a business person or a pilot.

Alpaha Imma came to SMK with her siblings when she was in Baby Class (like Preschool).  She and her 3 siblings are all graduates of SMK.  Her older sister is also sponsored by CTT.  One day in her future Alpha Imma wants to be a nurse.

Mesearch came to SMK with his brother and sister when he was in Primary 1.  Mesearch has a quiet presence but great leadership qualities. He was SMK’s Head Boy Prefect last year. He dreams of being a pilot in his future.

Shine came to SMK with her brothers when she was in Primary 1.  She is actually the younger sister of Mesearch. They are only a year apart and extremely close to one another, so they are often mistaken as twins. Their older brother is also sponsored by CTT.  Shine is a determined young lady, and she wants to study to become a lawyer in her future. 

Change The Truth is proud and hopeful for these young people as they begin their Secondary studies. It will indeed to be pleasure and privilege to watch them grow, mature,and find their interests during these upcoming years!


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