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Goodbye Again America

Posted on December 10, 2014 at 11:30 PM

We have enjoyed 3 weeks home in the Mid-West visiting loved ones. It was comforting how easily and quickly Antwain and I slipped back into daily life, as we both treated this time home as a true holiday. I found myself enjoying (with less guilt) the luxuries of America. I relished the opportunity to catch up the highlights, news, and updates of family and friends. I left my responsibilities back in Uganda and felt more present during quality time with loved ones. I soaked up Antwain’s constant company.


Saying goodbye again to close friends and family has been bittersweet. There is an enmeshment of joy, thanksgiving, and sadness as I reflect on dozens of fantastic and truly special memories captured during this visit. We are definitely blessed with an incredible family, friends and support network!!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart with much love and gratitude!!


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