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Joseph The Prefect

Posted on September 20, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Here in Uganda, every Primary and Secondary school will elect student leaders called Prefects. Prefects usually have a specific job, as well as serve as student monitors and role models in the absence of teaching staff from classrooms. The top Prefect positions are reserved for ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl,’ who act as school representatives and school body leaders. Also, there are Academic Prefects, like ‘Time Keeper’ who is responsible for ringing the bells to release students for breaks; Religious Prefects, peer leaders from every religious denomination represented at the school to ensure students actually attend church services during the week; Boarding Prefects, like ‘Dormitory Prefects’ to monitor dormitory safety and cleanliness, as well as report cases of theft to school administration; and Social Prefects, who assist in organizing student activities that will interest and involve a large portion of the student body. Elections are during the 1st Term of school, and students actually make campaigns prior to their elections. It is such a distinguished honor to be elected by peers, as well as a fantastic leadership building opportunity!


Well, this year one of the Change The Truth’s sponsored students was elected Prefect! I can not say enough glowing things about Yawe Joseph. He encapsulates leadership, fairness, kindness, and genuine helpfulness. He is one of the most dependable, hard-working, contentious, well-mannered young men I have had the honor to know and adore. Joseph is a Senior 5 student at Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School. He has attended this school since Senior 1, and the student body of over 1,300 students elected him as the Sports and Recreation Prefect for the 2014 Academic Year. Joseph assists with the organization of recreational football and netball matches, as well as encouraging other to get involved.


Prefects typically have a special uniform to distinguish them from their peers. When the teachers are absent from classrooms, they are in charge of maintaining peace or order. Not an easy job, but these young people are rightfully very proud of their elected position. After all, their peers would not have elected them if they could not do a great job.


Congratulations to Joseph!!


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