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Happy Birthday America!

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 3:50 AM

Happy Birthday America! I have always been proud of my country, but since living in a developing nation, I have harbored a greater appreciation for many of the freedoms that America offers its citizens.


Free and mandatory Primary and Secondary education, as well as several financial assistance means for University/Vocational studies


Emergency health care regardless of insurance status


Civil Rights for all citizens regardless of religion, age, gender or ethnicity


Ability to marry a partner of choice without fear of prejudice or violence


Religious freedoms to worship the God of your faith


Social service supports for those individuals/families who have fallen into difficult times


Justice system where one is innocent until proven guilty in court of law


Hourly Minimum Wage Pay for Employees



Those are just a few illustrations of freedoms that millions of people around the world are not so fortunate to receive. Without the presence of one or more of these freedoms, the daily life for citizens within these developing countries is often a hard, miserable struggle.


But today I want to lift up and celebrate the forefathers of this country who inspired other brave pioneers, fearless advocates, and gutsy citizens to also make sacrifices and have courage to develop America into the most powerful and respected nation in the world.


Here’s to you America…Happy 238th Birthday… may you continue to exemplify freedom, liberty, peace, and prosperity for all your citizens!!


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