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Uplifting Updates from Kisozi

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 9:10 AM


The Lord has been doing some amazing things in Kisozi at Kisozi Healing Tabernacle (International) Church! I had the opportunity to visit with Pastor Reuben to receive the following really uplifting updates.


Church Land: During a larger community choir concert and celebration around the Easter holiday, a visitor to Kisozi Healing Tabernacle Church was so profoundly touched by his worship experience and the palpable passion of KHTC’s congregation that he made a very generous financial pledge to assist in the purchase of the church’s land!! One of the church members offered to sell the plot of land where the church is currently located at a very reduced price. This generous soul will be answering a great prayer for KHTC!! WOW, that is some BIG news!!


Church benches: As I shared in the previous blog posts, on most Sundays the congregation of Kisozi Healing Tabernacle Church sits on blankets or tarps covering the hard ground during their service. When special visitors or events are occurring at church, the congregation must borrow plastic chairs from every possible location within the community. But thanks to a donation of trees which were cut down from a congregation member’s land, enough wooden benches were made to seat the entire HTC congregation and their future visitors!


Youth Projects: One of Kisozi’s greatest overall community needs is finding opportunities to engage, empower, and employ youth within the community. (See one of my previous blogs about Youth Projects.) This weekend Kisozi Healing Tabernacle Church is sponsoring 8 youths within the community (not all congregation members of KHTC) to attend a 4-day Youth Conference within Kampala. These youth (5 women and 3 men ages 18-27) will spend their time learning valuable skills for entrepreneurship, life skills, and motivational speeches encouraging them to make a difference in their immediate community. The youth will attend sessions to learn how to make candles and soap, plant/harvest mushrooms, and grow feed for cattle, as well as business planning sessions to launch their projects. In addition, they will learn the process of purifying water for individual households. These youths are being asked to return to Kisozi sharing this new information with other youths. In August, the church is hopeful for the funds to bring one of the Conference facilitators to Kisozi to assist with a work plan for the youths, as they launch their projects. Amazing, potential life-altering opportunity for these youth!!


Visitors' Quarters: Receiving visitors is quite a celebration for the entire community of Kisozi. It brings an incredible honor to be the chosen host/hostess to receive and facilitate visitors. One of the families of Kisozi Healing Tabernacle Church has donated some of their land to construct a couple of simple, self-contained huts for Pastor Reuben and visitors to stay within while visiting the Kisozi community. This is really a gift from the heart!!


As you can see the Lord is answering prayers and opening doors within the Kisozi community. But there are still opportunities for your assistance, as there is still lots of work to complete. Youth still need some funding for their simple projects. Visitors are still needed to assist with some of these community projects. Knowledge or advices are still appreciated as this community seeks to move forward to better conditions for the next generation. Please continue to keep this community, ministry, and the pastoral staff (Pastor Reuben and Pastor Jovia) in your prayers.


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