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Posted on July 5, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Despite all of the changes that have happened lately, I have never once doubted my decision to return to Uganda permanently.  This "right" feeling is the one constant that I have come to depend on during this time of transition.  I hold onto that feeling as I downsize my home, sell my car, interview successors for my job, say goodbye to family and friends, and add new things to an endless "to do" list.


The typical responses that I have received when I share about our move to Uganda in a couple of months range from "Why on Earth would you want to move there?" to "Wow, you must be a very special  person to move there."  I usually laugh at both responses and take some time to talk about St. Mary Kevin.  Even the toughest of hearts are not immune to the mission of  SMK and the orphans that call SMK home...trust me, I've seen it.  Therefore, I want to introduce you further to St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood and the Secondary students that are being sponsored by Change The Truth (as well as some other extraordinary kiddos that have touched my heart).   


I will be working very closely with the secondary students sponsored by Change The Truth when I arrive in Uganda.  Education in Uganda is radically different than education in America.  In America, education is a right (often taken for granted); however in Uganda it a precious opportunity.  Schooling in Uganda is expensive in comparison to their annual income, so families are often forced to invest in one child's education.  For the orphans at SMK, there is no family to invest in their education, so the gift of sponsorship through CTT holds additional significance.  It is literally the key to their entire future. 


As you meet these exception teenagers in the days and weeks to come, you will be amazed at their perservance and blown away by their ambition.  Hopefully you will also get a glimpse into the pull of Uganda, too.





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