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Posted on June 12, 2010 at 8:11 PM

Welcome to Our Blog... Heart for Uganda!  The title says it all for me...


I have no preconceived plans of how this Blog will evolve.  However, I enjoy journaling, so I am bound to share the joys, frustrations, and funny moments that come with living in a new country and assimilating to a new culture.  Also, you will learn more about the beautiful children at SMK, the caring staff, and great leaders (Joseph & Rosemary Kavulu and Nalubega Joan Faith), whom I have grown to love dearly. 


Right now, Antwain and I are preparing ourselves (as much as possible) for the largest transition and  grandest adventure that either of us has ever had.  Today is a bundle of unknowns... selling my house, quitting my job, downsizing all of our possessions, saying goodbye to loved ones, leaving our lives in America.  The details of all of those and more are still unknown.  I must admit that the longer I linger on these unknowns, the higher my anxiety swells.


So instead I chose to focus on what I do know... We will live, love, and enjoy every day that we have left here in America with our loved ones.  Then Antwain and I will board an airplane on August 26th to our other home in Uganda.  We will be greeted in Uganda by our SMK family, and we will take turns loving on each other.  Antwain and I will enjoy spending the last portion of the school holiday at SMK having fun with the children and getting settled into our new home within SMK.  I will begin work on September 1st as Change the Truth's On-The-Ground Liaision and Social Worker at SMK.  I will help prepare and send off the Secondary students to their respective schools for their last term of studies this academic year.  Then, I will assist Primary students and Antwain to prepare for their first day of classes.  All schools will begin again on September 6th. 


I am not naive.  I know that this transition and the time following will be bittersweet.  I know there are will be days when my heart aches and physically longs for the comforts of home here in America.  I know it is inevitable cause I have those same feelings now for Uganda.  It is just a natural fact of life when your heart lives and loves two separate places. 


I invite you to join us on this journey.  It will be comforting to have you along with Antwain and me as we make this transition.  None of us know where life will take us, but I am sure happy about the path that I am on now... Stay tuned for more!!

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