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Leaving Uganda

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Although delayed, here is a photo of our Departure Team.  Leaving someone at the airport is not a pleasant experience.  Feelings of sadness and longing are often accompanied for both parties.  Due to security those final goodbyes are often rushed.  There is usually a crowd of onlookers who watch their departed loved ones go through security, ticketing, and into the passport check. I have never encouraged that... the emotions just run too high. I am looking much more forward to our Arrival Team, which will be these same loved ones.

I was delighted that my boys did not feel too old or too busy to see us from the airport.  I have made almost all of my airport trips with Henry, Saka, and Petra.  They are the fixtures.  Also having our beloved Willy and my special friend, Isabirye, was special this time, too.

From left: Saka, Isabirye, Petra, Mel

Willy, Henry, and Antwain

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