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From One Home to Another

Posted on June 4, 2013 at 11:25 AM

I wrote this blog post on my last day in Uganda. With the craziness of the day, I failed to post it. The sentiment still holds true. Having a great time with my family and friends...and even more blessed to know that more is coming in the upcoming weeks!!



This morning when I awoke it was surreal to be reminded that it will be my last morning waking in Uganda for the next few weeks. I lamented as I listened to the sounds of big boys getting ready for school outside my bedroom window, the chants of the nursery school children singing their welcome song, and the bodas racing by on our nearby road. Then I looked around my bedroom at the pictures and cherished articles that make this place my comfortable home.


But then I felt excitement stir… in just another day, I will be waking in America. I will be waking up with family and the quietness of the small town which my family lives. I will hear the laughter of my family members and see how my niece and nephew have grown and changed. I will enjoy small amenities like hot water and constant electricity. I will be catching up with friends who have gotten married, had babies/children grown, changed jobs, or otherwise celebrated some life events.


In most ways it is a blessing to have two homes. I feel very blessed with the supports that exist in both of my homes, as different parts of me flourish in each of my homes. I only wish they could be closer together, so that they could merge with one another. There is a large disconnect between my two worlds that I spend a lot of time trying to bridge through stories and photos.


I will enjoy every moment of my time home in America. I will savor and squeeze every delightfully quiet, slower paced holiday. But then I will enjoy returning home to Uganda where my children will be waiting. I am indeed one very blessed girl…


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