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Homeward Bound

Posted on May 16, 2013 at 6:30 AM

It is again time for Antwain and me to visit home in Kansas/Missouri, reconnect with loved ones, refill our cups, and enjoy some American luxuries. This visit has been expedited, as I have a strong urge to spend time with certain family members.


Antwain and I will make our journey home to America from May 30th-June 21st. While most of my time will be spent with family members in the Chapman area, there will be a few days that I will venture to Salina and Kansas City. Will keep you posted as the schedule comes together…


It was only yesterday that I finalized our airplane reservations, so I anticipate the next couple of weeks to be a literally whirlwind. Secondary students must be prepared and returned to school for Term 2. My household must be in proper order. Projects must be finalized, transferred, or put of a sufficient hold. And I have lots of goodies to prepare for family/friends. But I will gladly work hard for these weeks with a great amount of excitement and anticipation seeing loved ones in America!


Hope to see you soon, as I look forward to some down time, reflection, recharging, and lots of visits!!

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