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The Nest is Empty Again

Posted on March 2, 2013 at 3:05 AM

Tomorrow will mark the last Change The Truth students return to Secondary school. This year CTT has 32 sponsored students in all (Secondary, Vocational, and University)… 33 students when you include Antwain. It has been a month full of organizing, shopping, visiting schools, traveling to Kampala, standing in lines at banks, escorting to school, and encouraging. There have been challenges along the way, but looking back, every moment was worthwhile.


One of the primary challenges is that EVERYTHING must be done in person… There are no websites to register children. No online payment system or credit card capabilities to pay school fees and various requirements. Phone calls to conduct business are difficult, if not impossible, with very little getting resolved. So each day requires a daily to-do list: places to visit, people to see, tasks to complete. I make my way from one task/location to another until all is accomplished for the day...some days longer and more distance traveled than others.


Although it prolongs the return process, Uganda starts children at the beginning of every Academic year in 2 week intervals. First the returning students… those students in Senior 2-Senior 4 and Senior 6 begin on-time, which was February 3rd. Schools allow two weeks for those students to complete all of their Beginning of Term examinations and get settled back into the routine of school. Next comes the Senior 1 students… these new students to Secondary school began their Secondary studies on February 17th. Their first couple days were devoted to school orientation before they delve into their massive study load. Finally the Senior 5 students… these students are beginning their Advanced Level courses, which are more intensive and detailed studies of their chosen course combination. They will report tomorrow to their schools, and studies will resume for them on Monday 4th.


So next week I am treating myself to a day off for a massage and spa treatments (Thanks to CTT Team 6.), my days are now preparing for Visitation Days, completing financial Accountability, organizing our next holiday program, and some other exciting projects that I will share with you soon.


SMK still has Secondary students living in the dormitories. There are several non-CTT students who are day scholars at some of the nearby Secondary schools. I am very thankful for their company. I still enjoy/take comfort in their noises during the evenings. I hear them trek to school in the early morning hours. Even so, my house is once again quiet. I don’t have to cook supper every night for my boys. I can take my leisurely time in the morning getting ready. Honestly, I miss them terribly, but I am recognizing and coming to terms that such is life for a parent empty-nesting during the school term here in Uganda.

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