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Posted on February 5, 2013 at 2:55 AM

Being a member of the Change The Truth team/family, Antwain has somehow made a bridge in his mind that he is now a Change The Truth sponsored student. I thought I overheard a conversation between he and Brian about being a CTT student and how that applied to Antwain in Secondary school. In his mind, I am his sponsor. (Although I remind him that I don’t receive frequent sponsor letters!) I pay his school fees at the same banks. I buy similar school supplies. Antwain often shops with Big Boys for his school clothes and shoes. I drop off, visit, and pick him up at school, just like the CTT sponsored students…. So I can honestly see where connections were made.


His revelation made me laugh but also filled me pride. I LOVE that he feels that connected with CTT! I also believe it demonstrates the depth of Antwain’s affections towards his friends in Uganda. He does not see them as orphans or poor or unfortunate… he sees them as a group of peers that he feels proud to belong to. I shared as gently as I could the significant differences between his situation and actual sponsored students, so he now understands better. He asked if he could say that he was a ‘member’ of CTT, instead of ‘student.’ Sounded like a good compromise to me!!


So in just a couple of weeks, I will be sending off 5 CTT-sponsored students and 1 CTT member!


I love, marvel, and am often pleasantly surprised by my kid!!

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