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Gratitude and Significant Moments

Posted on September 6, 2012 at 5:30 AM

I am always grateful for those significant moments (however small) that bring me back to my core. They center me again. They remind me of what is truly important. They cause all the superficial nonsense or small, unimportant items on my ‘to-do’ list to be placed in their proper perspective. Here in Uganda, they also reassure me that I am where God has strategically positioned me to be, even if that is literally on the other side of the world from those I love.


These past couple of weeks, I have had all 30 Change The Truth students… Secondary, Vocational, and University…come to my home for their ‘School Visit’ to prepare for the upcoming term. In efforts to be thorough and consistent, I have to admit that I am quite a task-master during this visit…sign this payment voucher, sign this receipt, hand out bank slips showing paid tuition, check off school requirements, double-check school supplies, recount any issued funds, reminder about upcoming dates/visitors/needed items, read sponsor letter, encouragement of school performance, etc. In most cases it is my last private moment with students before they head off to school.


Two weeks ago, one of our University students, Daniel, came for his ‘School visit.’ He is probably the quietest CTT’s sponsored students. His brother lives in Kajjansi, so he spent more school holidays staying with his brother than at SMKOM. I will frequently meet him on the road, so we will engage in a chat before heading our separate directions again. I have really enjoyed getting to know him, and he is eager to enter his final year at the University. (And incidentally, he will be CTT’s FIRST University graduate this upcoming summer!)


During his visit, Daniel updated me on his summer internship before I launched into the technical list of tasks that we had to accomplish. As he finished signing the final item, I literally stopped myself mid-sentence (maybe even mid-word), as this young man sat crying at my table. As he gathered his composure and words again, he was overcome by the opportunity that Change The Truth was supporting him through. You see he had a full summer back here in Kajjansi to meet his fellow colleagues in school who were driving boda-boda motorcycles, working at the local butchery, performing odd jobs digging or building, or simply sitting around waiting for some job to fall from the sky. He has now seen the distinct fork in his road. He can now see his future in Marketing blossoming as he enters his final year at the University. With his voice high in emotion, he shared, “I would be that one sitting at home. Just sitting. But now I have life thanks to Change The Truth. My words of thanks will never be enough. But I say thank you anyways.”


As I gave a big hug, as a supporter, as a believer in his future, as a voice from CTT, and as a friend, I replied, “Your thanks will always be more than enough. Just remember Change The Truth believes in you, and they will never stop.”


When Daniel left, I watched him walk through our compound wiping the final traces of his tears and inhaling deep breaths. At that distinct and significant moment, I, too, was overcome, inspired, renewed, and grateful to be the chosen one here with CTT. CTT is definitely changing the truth, offering a brighter future, and providing hope for 30 exceptional Ugandan orphans. And I am still holding that particular moment close to my heart even now!


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