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New CTT Campusers

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Two weeks ago, two new CTT sponsored University students began their studies.  Samarie and Habib were amongst the first students sponsored by CTT five years ago.  CTT began sponsoring them in Senior 2 and due to their hard work & great academic performance they continue to be sponsored in Post-Secondary, too. 

Before I tell you about what they are doing at University, let me explain their journey to admission.  Samarie and Habib took their final Senior 6 National Examination back in November 2011. They waited more than 6 months before receiving their results in June.  Then it is a mad dash to get admission forms filled for Universities. Here in Uganda, students typically choose 3-5 courses that they would LIKE to study in ranked order during application.  Ultimately, it is the University that decides which course to GIVE students.  Their decision is final, and it is not possible for students to change their course once they have started classes. 

Since there is no door-to-door mail service in Uganda and less than 10% of Ugandan even have a post office box, the admissions to all Universities are published in the daily newspaper.  On publication day, students and parents can been seen on street corners or in taxis combing the pages of the newspaper to reveal the course offered by their chosen University.  Afterwards, students report to the University Registrar office to receive their admission forms, bank slips and class schedule.  Students found out about admissions beginning of August giving them only 3 weeks to prepare for classes…oh, Uganda!

Most Bachelor level degrees are 3 years following the same academic calendar as American universities.  The major difference is that students focus solely on their coursework.  There is no well-rounded, Liberal Arts University education here.  Students attend specific classes for their degree area only.

For as long as I have known Samarie (since 2007), she has always shared that she wanted to be a journalist.  While some of her peers have changed their ideal professions, Samarie has not.  And now she has the opportunity to fulfill that dream at Ndejje University in Mengo (area of Kampala) pursuing her Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication.   

I have always admired Habib’s ambition.  For as long as I have known him (since 2008), he has exhibited a passion for politics. He closely follows all of the business of Uganda’s Parliament.   He can identify and give biography information on all political figures in East Africa.  And he knows with absolute certainty that one day he will be an elected member of Ugandan Parliament.  Habib has been accepted at Makerere University to study his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science.  He will use this opportunity as a springboard for his political aspirations in the future.

Change the Truth offers these students sponsorship for their school tuition and needed class materials, notes, supplies.  In addition, they were gifted with a gently-used laptop computer to assist with their endless research, class assignments, and term papers.  For more information about sponsoring a student through Change The Truth, visit

Congratulations to both Samarie and Habib.  Stay tuned to see what is in store for these young people in their future, cause their possibilities are limitless.


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