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Thanksgiving #26: Music

Posted on November 26, 2011 at 1:15 PM

I am thankful for the power of music to fill the soul with joy, energy, peace, sadness, and memories of yesterday. I don’t have the gift of rhythm or lyrics memory. I usually have to hear the first few lines of lyrics to recall a song title or artist. But here in Uganda, there is very little about the culture that does not directly revolve around music. Drums (or other tribal instruments) create music for dancing. Voices harmonize to create music for worship. Popular music (from all countries, all genres, and decades dating back to 70s) is blaring from store fronts, taxi vans, cell phones, or small portable radios. It is contagious to enjoy or sway to the beat of the music. I have had many laughs and good memories involving music, and I am thankful for each one of them.

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