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Thanksgiving #29: Change The Truth

Posted on November 29, 2011 at 6:10 AM

There are many thanksgivings attached to CTT... my direct involvement with CTT only a few short years ago completely transformed my life. A simple invitation from Gloria to travel to Uganda with the first CTT team began a series of events that has led me to today, living a dream in Uganda. I am thankful (and proud) to be a member of this organization. I am thankful for the mission of CTT and its ability to assist dozens of Ugandan orphans with their continued education in Secondary School, Vocational School, or University. I am thankful for donors of CTT that are directly enriching the lives of sponsored students with their generous financial supports. I am thankful for Gloria Feinstein, who is one of the most incredible woman of vision, compassion, energy, integrity, love, humor, and support that I have had the honor of knowing. Finally, I am thankful for the encouragement and friendships that I have formed with other members of the CTT family.


To learn more about Change The Truth, visit their website at www.changethetruth.org


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