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Thanksgiving #22: Ugandan Family/Friends

Posted on November 22, 2011 at 2:25 AM

My entire Ugandan experience would have been much different and difficult, if not for my Ugandan family and friends. I am most thankful for the presence, love, and support they have offered to Antwain and me over this past year (plus). There are certain kindred spirits in this world, and I have found many of mine here in Uganda. My family at SMKOM (Administration, teachers, children, CTT students, My Big Boys) has accepted us as their own, which has provided comfort and assurance during challenging times. I have also made some fantastic friends in Uganda, too. They have been gracious, hospitable, and helpful during my times of need. Uganda is said to be the friendliest country in Africa, and based on my experience, I would absolutely agree with that whole-heartedly!

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