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Thanksgiving #21: Public Transportation

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 1:20 AM

For anyone who has travelled to Uganda, you will have to chuckle at this thanksgiving, but nonetheless, I am thankful for public transportation here in Uganda. Upon my first experience in Uganda, my hat of respect was off to any brave soul willing/able to navigate Kampala traffic. I harboured as little desire then to drive in such a helter-skelter mess than I do today. Therefore, I gladly and willingly negotiate with boda-boda (motorcycle) drivers and board small taxi vans to navigate my way to my destination. On special occasions or far-away trips, I will hire a special car for travel (with an able driver). Public transportation has not at all impeded my ability to get anywhere in Kampala or surrounding areas of Kajjansi. In fact, I rather enjoy it!! I am proud that I can get around Kampala via taxi, and I just keep my patience while the driver navigates through ridiculous traffic by allowing additional time, bringing a newspaper, or just enjoying the people watching along the roadside.

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