Heart for Uganda

Melissa and Antwain Mosher                       

If you trace your life's path, hopefully you can pinpoint distrinct moments that chart your journey.  Here is one of my moments:  


In December 2007, I had the privilege to travel to Uganda on a work trip with Change The Truth (CTT) to visit St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood (SMK).  I was profoundly touched by the orphans living at SMK during that visit.  My heart ached to see the extreme poverty and horrific circumstances these orphans had survived, yet my spirit was also uplifted by the resilience, sense of community, and overall atmosphere of love within SMK. 


I visited SMK again in December 2008 (with CTT) and May 2009 (solo trip).  During my visit in May amongst the beauty and tragedy that exists simultaneously for the orphans living at SMK, I experienced that distinct moment where I knew that I had found another home- a place that provides as much love as challenges, a place where I felt whole and at my best.  After another visit with CTT in December 2009 (with my son Antwain this time), I knew it was time to “come home” to Uganda. 


With the gracious support of my friends/families, Change The Truth, and St. Mary Kevin’s, Antwain and I moved to Uganda at the end of August 2010.  I am currently working as the CTT On-The-Ground Liaision and Social Worker providing support/guidance for the CTT sponsored Secondary students during their school/vocational training and assisting orphanage staff to ensure the safety, health and love of the younger orphans living at SMK.  We live by our Big Boys at SMKOM.


We want to invite you to join us for this adventure...  I can guarantee there will never be a dull moment.